Friday, August 20, 2010

Fam Photo: attempt #1

I need to get a camera of my own for college.
I think I will go into with-drawl not being able to use my mama's Nikon D5000. . 

Launa has helped me through a lot, and she has always supported me-
These pictures are of her and her family!
I had fun taking their pictures-
And I have learned some things I need to work on.
  • communication skills- having a plan, and explaining it to those I am working with
  • entertainment skills- give those I'm taking pictures of something to look at (me!)  
  • creative skills- I want to make all my sessions different.  I need some new ideas!
Thanks for letting me take your pictures!

I'm tired.


Launa said...

Kelsie--I love them and we had a great time. Two-year-olds are exhausting. But it is so much fun for me to see how you portrayed my family. I like the way we look through your eyes. You're the best!

Layna said...

CUTE_CUTE_CUTE!!! Love them! :)