Monday, August 23, 2010

Last 24 Hours

I have about twenty four hours left in good ol' A-town- with a list of things to do!

  • Do laundry- I have currently done five loads and pressed bundles of clothes
  • Of course I have to pack, I actually haven't even started.  I attempted once and didn't even know where to start
  • Tie-dye my bed sheets-  I'll probably end up tie-dying some shirts too!
  • Bind my quilt.  My mom is actually binding it- O she is amazing at sewing, simply amazing!
  • Finished my homework- I need to type two pages still. . . I hope it isn't too bad
  • Visit Grandma and the girls!  (that is going to be a bitter sweet moment)
  • Clean out my car / get car fixed up (hopefully all the windows will roll down after today)
  • Copy down some of Mom's recipes
  • Take BJ's senior pictures, maybe start editing them
  • One last goodbye to the pool family
  • Father's Blessings
  • Check, re-check and double check that I have everything I need
Do I need decorations for my apartment?

I don't know if this surprises anyone, but I get sidetracked really easy. . . 

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tyandbrandie said...

Good luck Kelsie! Hope to hear how you are loving college life! Have fun and enjoy every minute!