Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm suppose to be doing my homework. . .
I know it is still summer, who does homework?
I do. . . 
Well at least I'm supposed to-

Today I finished a MARVELOUS book! It is called The Traveler's Gift, and if you haven't read it I highly recommend it.  This book has definitely gone down in my top ten list!
I have read two books this whole summer. . .
Not great, but not too bad either I guess.
What should I read next?  any ideas?

I worked more hours this paycheck then I have ever worked in all my hours at the pool!  Oh how I'm looking forward to payday! (:

I have realized this a lot lately, but I have the greatest friends- Friends who care about me, take care about me, wonder how I'm doing, how I'm feeling.  I have friends that bring me yummy treats at work, and that give me hugs, friends who just want to talk- just to talk!  

I'm a hopeless romantic-  'nuff said.

I have blisters on the backs of both of my ankles I guess you would say. . . from running in Shay's shoes.  And then I got a ginormous one on the bottom of my right foot from running in my old volleyball shoes. . . 
 O I have started running.
I run about five miles or until everything feels better.
Is it bad to literally run away from my problems?
I do enjoy it though. . . Never thought I would say that in all my life.

Shane comes home Wednesday!!!

I move in a week and three days!  

I should find out who my roommates are next week! 
drum roll please. . . 
I'm praying for good ones!
cross your fingers for me!

I only have four more days of work-
I already crave the smell of chlorine.
I hate when the pool closes.

I love teaching swim lessons!  It use to scare me and make me really nervous, but I really do enjoy it!  I especially love when I get little gifts from my students, or when I am just working, or walking around town and I get a "HELLO TEACHER!"  "hey mom that's my teacher!"- I really do love that!

Guess I should try to do my homework again!
The word "homework" makes my heart sink.
Summers are too short.

One more side note. . . Is it weird to anyone else that there are only four more months left in 2010?

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