Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesdays are my favorite days.
Let me not forget that I do like 
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and especially Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
I can't leave them out-

Sleep has been taunting my eye lids all morning long- 5:30 in the morning is awfully early to wake up. 

I was late for my first class, but I am having a wonderful hair day, I look cute and may I just add that it is Wednesday- my Happy Wednesday!

During a break between classes I found a empty couch in the Institute building- laid down and fell asleep. After waking up due to a kinked neck I looked around and noticed the room to be full of students, many of them writing in note books (journals). I hope I made it into some of their pages. . . I know I would have written about me - "the girl with the pink blazer slumped onto the couch as if she couldn't go any farther. Before long she wasn't moving anymore and the only sign of life was the soft whistle that came from her breathing. . . "

Is it vain to say that it completely makes my day when people sincerely tell me that I am beautiful. Every time I walk into my Monday/Wednesday Institute class my teacher shakes my hand and says in a very sincere, very reverent way that I am very beautiful. Today I told him that I am going on a mission and his eyes became soft and pleased. "You are so beautiful, everything about you. You are going to bring so many people to the truth." - Dear Elder C. you have given me hope, strength and have built me up in so many ways. Thank you.

I walked home from class - or rather I slid home from class. There is a steep grass slope outside my apartment and luckily for me I tested out its "slipperiness"factor. It gets high marks. In return I got grass marks! What makes this moment even more great is that an elderly man watched me and giggled under his breath!

I truly do love Wednesdays.

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Elisabeth @ Imma Walking Fashion Crime said...

Kelsie!! This is lovely!! :) You are a sensational writer! :)