Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ketchup please?

That wonderful red sauce that is slightly sweet, spicy and tangy. Ketchup. 

Growing up I didn't care for ketchup- I was a barbecue sauce kind of girl. I always considered ketchup to be the trick to making kids eat their food- "Can you dip your chickens in the ketchup?" Besides that, kids like ketchup. It is the mask for everything unpleasant to eat. But like I said before I never liked it.

Actually looking back there was a reason I didn't like ketchup:
  My family was headed out on a family vacation and we stopped to eat at a Burger King. I remember I had a hamburger- which I never get at fast food places anymore. And while I was eating it the ketchup that was on the patty stuck to the top of my mouth and I started choking. I remember turning to my mom and she simply stuck her finger in my mouth and dug it off the top of my mouth. 
Sorry for the vivid story, but it scared me for life. . . 

Then I turned 21 (almost) and something inside of me changed. Old age? Hormones? Laziness? I don't know what it was but I have crave the sticky sauce since I moved back to Logan. 

I even go as far as having ketchup quesadillas (wheat tortilla with ketchup, nothing else). I know, not so nutritious, but it cures my craving for the time being. 


Kellie Valeen said...

haha. not going to lie, but that's kind of weird... but I love ya anyway. (:

Sarah Jenae said...

Maybe I converted you?...I eat ketchup on everything! Yeah!