Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The courtyard.

Today the air was chilly when I walked outside.
I liked it surprisingly.

My favorite thing to do on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
is to sit in the courtyard outside the fine arts building 
and watch the yellow leaves flutter to the pavement.
Before they can settle they are swept up in the wind and tossed.
And right before my eyes a sea forms.
A yellow sea.

I close my eyes.
And let the sun drench my face with warmth 
as I listen yellow waves splash against the concrete court yard.

Oh, it is wonderful.

And now for some unfinished business.

TAGGing. I feel indifferent about being Tagged. I am always flattered, sometimes hesitant to participate, but hey they can be fun too- 

I was TAGGED by my friend Melissa and even though I won't continue the TAG on, I will tell you 11 things about me and answer the 11 questions she asked. After all this blog is all about me anyhow!

Eleven Facts about Me:
  1. I love to get my dance on: in the shower, the kitchen, the car, walking to school- the list goes on.
  2. I can't sleep at night, not because I don't want to.
  3. I love to eat vegetables- broccoli, squash, sugar snap peas are among the top choices
  4. I hate having dirty clothes in the hamper. I would wash my clothes everyday if it was feasible.
  5. I have NEVER worn sweats to school unless I had to because our sports team was.
  6. I am the only child in my family who isn't named after someone- I like my name though.
  7. My birthmark is on my forehead.
  8. I hardly ever sleep inside my covers- I just use a blanket, a beautiful, big blanket my mom made.
  9. I loose my toe nails every summer.
  10. When I get nervous my armpits get sweaty.
  11. I write dialogue in my mind when people speak-- that is kind of weird.

Here are Melissa's Questions:

1. What is the most disgusting thing you have ever eaten?
     I had pickled cow hooves once. . . nasty!
2. If you could marry someone famous who would it be?
     Definitely Liam Hemsworth, too bad he is already taken.
3. How long can you get a piece of Bubblicious gum to last?
     Maybe a half hour-- large pieces of gum make my jaw ache.
4. What is your number 1 pet peeve?
     Pen-clicking during class. (click, click, click, click. . . )
5. Describe your mom in 1 word.
     Heavenly6. What is your favorite color crayon?
     Pacific Blue
7. Mac or PC?
8. What music artist are you a secret fan of?
     Taylor Swift9. What is your favorite animal?
     Whales -- I'm not allergic to them. . . or smart dogs.
10. Are you good at poker?
     I'm a fabulous poker, but sometimes I leave bruises.  Nope.
11. What are 2 things on your bucket list?
     1. Rock climb a cliff side and do yoga on the edge
     2. Be an best selling author.

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