Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oh the bum-crack part.

I have joined the masses of women who rock the bum crack part.
Yep, I am parting my hair right down the middle-
Well as down the middle as I possibly can. . . I have a cowlick.

I am still not sure about it, but heck I am up for a change.
After all I have had the same hair style for like seven years now.
Goodness that makes me feel old.

I have been thinking a lot lately-
I have to do something to keep my mind occupied while while watching kids swim in a pool all day.
Life is all about experience. It really is. I am not lying.

Experience is personal. It is something that has been encountered, observed, or undergone. It is the totality of the cognitions given by perception. It is all that is perceived, understood and remembered.

And the thing that is the most beautiful and difficult about this word is that our experiences define who we are and who we become. The things we go through shape us, and even the same situation is experienced differently by two different people.

I can't choose all the experiences I will encounter, but what about those I can choose? What are some of the things I want to take a chance on? Who do I want to become and what experiences will get me there?


This word makes my heart race.


kelsey marie* said...

Great post. And I just had to laugh about the whole butt crack hair reference. My sister in 7th grade was getting made fun of by an 8th grader for having "butt crack hair" and I told her it was what all the celebrities are doing. I think that made her feel better. It looks cute on you!

Jordan said...

Firstly, you are gorgeous even with a "bum-crack" part in your hair. Secondly, I miss your face a lot. Thirdly, that word just gave me goose bumps and butterflies in my stomach. I am excited for you girly!

brielle said...

umm yes please please do start swapping! you are an amazing writer & would do so so well! i would totally swap with you!