Friday, June 22, 2012

S. Mason

This song describes how I am feeling as of late.

I would say that I am someone who is pretty reserved. . . well, my "at-home" Kelsie is really quite reserved. College not so much.
However I don't think I am one to just throw myself out there and to take huge dramatic chances. Moving to Logan was a huge step in my life, and here I am getting ready to make an even bigger one. But you see I have had lots of time to think about life and about our time here and know what I have come up with? Life is something to be experienced (hence my post just previous of this one).

I have had such an amazing life thus far. Really. I love and am loved by my family more than I can describe. I have been given opportunities that many only long for. And I witness miracles every day. No, my life isn't perfect. Somedays I cry and somedays I question my worth. Trials are real and they are really hard, but those not so perfect days make the good ones so much sweeter.

As a sophomore in high school the thought of becoming a sister missionary crossed my mind. I had watched all of my brothers prepare and leave for their missions and the anticipation, excitement, and sacrifice was something that humbled me. The desire of missionary work settled in my heart. Over the years as my testimony in Christ and of this gospel has grown so has my desire to serve. 

But, I had doubts I would go. Why? well because I kind of thought I would be one of those girls to graduate from high school, go off to college, find her prince charming and follow the trend of so many others. After all that trend runs true and strong in my family. I was ready to accept that lifestyle. But that desire to serve the Lord never left me. It is like I knew in my heart that I would be given the opportunity to serve. And I even though I didn't have to serve a mission I knew I would always be left questioning. 

So I started the missionary paper work.
I filled out all the information and set up interviews as fast as I possibly could.
After a few doctors appointments and a few phone calls they were on their way.
Soon enough I will be known as Sister Mason.

I haven't been telling very many people- except for close friends, family and those who ask about what I will be doing in the next couple of months. But ya know, I might as well share the news with the lovely little blogger community. You are my friends and you all probably know more about me than I do of you, but that is fine. 

Now for the big question(s) that are commonly asked:

Where do I want to go?
I honestly have no preference. I mean it would be really cool to learn a language and be thrown into a new culture, but at the same time if I was in states, speaking english I would cherish just as much. I have no clue where I want to go, but it is going to be wonderful where ever it is.

When will I leave?
Well, I don't turn 21 years old until October, so my guess is somewhere around then. However, I would really like to leave before, and you know sometimes that happens- missionaries can turn eligible in the MTC. But I won't know the official date until after I get called.

When will the call be here?
Oh, the question I ask myself every day. It will either come next week, or the next, or possibly even after that. I will keep you all posted. 

Will I be going back to school for Fall Semester?
I won't know that until I know when I will be leaving. I did register for classes and I put money down on a apartment just incase I do go.

What about the blog?
Well, I am currently working on something great. So here is another "stay tuned" answer.

What about my photography business?
Yes, this question has kind of sickened me. I will miss taking pictures so much. I love what I do and the magic I have in capturing someone's life on film. I was recently given the opportunity to take pictures for a company the rest of the year- they would use my pictures on their website, magazines, billboards and anywhere else they needed advertising. However, I could only agree to a limited time because I will be leaving before too long. To be honest that was a bit hard, however I understand that I am going to be on the Lord's errand. My life is in His hands and I know that if I have faith and always put Him first He will see that everything works out for the best.

*If you would like to have me answer any other questions feel free to ask.
**I also like to hear where people think I will go so feel free to guess away

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~Aubrie Rose.. said...

International: Baltic Mission (I feel like you + Europe = loveliness)
Domestic: New England :]
p.s. You are AWESOME!... and I will miss you muchly.