Monday, June 11, 2012

Crying for Logan.

The view of the Logan Temple as I drove into Cache Valley gave me chills all over my body. This is a beautiful place and every time return I feel like a little peace of me is back. Logan has become my second home.

It was Friday, late afternoon and couples had just began to speckle the sidewalks. . . I had forgotten that there is actually people (lots of them) close to my age. Living at home for the summer has somewhat isolated me from other people my age. . . But I guess that is what you get when you live in a small community.

I didn't stop in Logan, but instead drove straight up the canyon. Oh it is amazing what a month of sunshine can do. The canyon walls looked like as if they should belong in the rainforest they were so lush and full of greenery- it was beautiful.  I drove until I pulled into Garden City where I registered for my Half Marathon.

I registered alone. . . This may make me sound completely unsocial and hermit-ish, but sometimes I like to be alone. That is normal right? My roommate Jordan had planned on running it with me, but due to her work schedule she couldn't. I was nervous going it with out her.

All my Logan-ite friends were working when I came back to Logan. So I decided to grab dinner and eat at the park - a prime spot for people-watching. I wrote the thoughts that had been swarming around in my head down in my journal and for a moment I became emotional.

(please imagine how awesome I would have looked: a girl, alone, eating a pita, pen in hand, crying - awesome huh!?)

Crying is something I hardly ever do in public. I hate crying, but tears stained my pages that evening- and the thing is I can't tell you want kind of tears they were. . . whether they were tears of sadness, joy, nervousness, or just tears to feel emotion of some kind.

It was good to be back in Logan, even if it was just temporary.

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Taylor said...

So how was the marathon?! Did you enjoy beautiful Bear Lake like I do? Did you see Kalon?