Monday, May 28, 2012

Remembering Heritage.

The breeze blew the flags just enough to give the cemetery a honorary feel. The grass had been freshly cut and little kids walked along the graves making sure that every headstone had at least one flower - even if it was only a dandelion they had picked along the way.

The crowds were smaller this year than usual and when I realized it my heart ached for a minute. This is a day to honor our deceased ancestors to show respect for those who have gone before us and given more than we can comprehend to give us the beautiful lives that we live today.

I sat next to Grandpa Fred's headstone while Mom, Grandma and my Aunt Kerri Lynn went looking for some old stones. I sat there and let the sun warm my body. I never knew Grandpa Fred, he died five years before I was born so memorial day is the only memory I have established of this man. I sat there on the grass and thought about how life would be different if he was still around. I wondered if I would be as close to Grandma as I am or if I would be my Grandpa's girl. I thought about the stories Grandma has told me of him and was lost in thought for a good while.

The 'tomb-hunters' had returned and after Grandma got her annual pictures of us with the headstone she turned and blew Grandpa Fred a kiss. "Love you Fred," she says it every time we leave the cemetery and every year it makes my heart melt. 

Memorial Day isn't about camping or just having a day off of work - even though those things are great and fun. No, Memorial Day is about respect, honor, heritage and family.

Happy Memorial Day. 
not the best picture of me- I had just finished my morning run, 
but my grandma looks beautiful.
I just couldn't resist.

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Tami said...

I absoulutely love the quote on your Grandpa's headstone. It makes tears flow down my cheek. Love you!