Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thoughtful of the Forgotten.

So I have a few thoughts. . . actually I have a lot of thoughts. 
My head never slows down.
I wish I could capture all the thoughts that are swimming around in this brain of mine write them down. Because lets face it, I am a pretty witty, clever, creative person (well, at least I like to think so).

I have a lot of plans for my life, and starting at the top-
I want to change the world.
The previous statement is very cliche I know. It is just as cliche as pageant girls saying "world peace" as the answer to their onstage questionare. But I really want to change the world so deal with my cliche-ness.

I have a game-plan of sorts, it isn't like I am going into this whole superhero mode blind.
But because I don't have all the details quiet yet you will just have to stay tuned.
However I will say this:

Every person has a role. 
A place on this earth to grow and to influence others.
See, we are all in this earthly experience together. We are all on the same team.
I think that people often times don't realize or perhaps forget how important, talented, smart, special they are. 
And that is sad to me.

It isn't hard to love people.
Because people have so much greatness share.
Which leads me to this question: Why is it hard to show appreciation?


I think these attributes are often overshadowed.

Be thoughtful of the forgotten. 
Remember to love the quiet.
Listen for the silent tears that fall from dry eyes.
And always be ready to catch a dropped smile.

So these are my thoughts- 

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kelsey marie* said...

You are adorable. I feel honored to share my name with you.