Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pumice Punishment

Pumicing is going to be the death of me. . . 
That and dry hands, look how scaly my thumb looks in that picture.

And for all those who don't know what pumicing is- it is the act of taking a scouring stick and rubbing the hard-water buildup off of all the little tiles that surround our pool.

As you can see from the picture at the top- the first day I pumassed I didn't wear gloves and by the end of the day all my fingers on my right hand were bleeding. Since then gloves have become a necessity.

I hate pumicing so much that I have decided that when I have children instead of timeout or punishment like "soap" I am going to make them pumice.

I would consider myself fairly tough.
I mean I was raised with four older brothers and a tough little sister. . . and they didn't tolerate much.
. . . Even though I do recall Shay calling me a bawl baby when we were younger.
That however is besides the point.
The point is that I don't complain a lot, but with my fingers bleeding and still more tiles to be scraped I may have whined a bit . . . a lot a bit.

However I want to add this little two-bits:
The human body is an amazing thing and the way a injury heals fascinates me.

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