Thursday, April 26, 2012

hello Thursday, welcome.

Hello Thursday,

I really don't have time to be writing this. In an hour I will be giving a presentation and then I won't stop until I lay my head down to sleep. . . Sleep? What is sleep? 

I have ran and ran all week long- and I love it. I enjoy being busy and productive and all that good responsibility that comes with it.

However, I am tired. 

This day though, it is great. It is Thursday of the last week of school. . . I have almost made it. I can see the finish line in the clearing.
It could be the last week of school for me for a good 18 months or so- 
that fact kind of scares me, but I am embracing it.

I went running this morning. My body hated it, but I knew that I could push through- I had to push through. And because I did I feel strong, I feel like I have defeated weakness. And that my dear Thursday is a powerful feeling.

English was cancelled. Thanks to my Professors child who decided that yesterday was a great day to be born. I really needed that extra time to finish my paper that was due today.

Institute was inspiring, invigorating and other words that start with "i" like. . . i-mazing and i-wonderful (this is not my attempt to steal iPod's glory, but "i-mazing" does have a ring to it).

I hit that "loopy" point when I get so tired that everything seems funny- 
(to all the people who witnessed my craziness on my way home from school: bare with me, it has been a long week)

Mom called. We had a long chat and laughed a bunch as she brought me up to date with everything that is going on down in the land of sagebrush and grey mountains.
I love her.

There is just a buzz in the air that makes me want to giggle. . . 
or maybe it is the Coke- caffeine does weird things to me.

That being said:

Today is just wonderful. 
Thank you for being so great Thursday.

Kelsie Mason

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Adam and Dev said...

Kelsie, it was good to talk to you today. I will be visiting the "land of sagebrush and gray mountains" next month. Maybe we could get together and take some fun pics ;)