Friday, February 24, 2012

because it is late and this doesn't make sense . . .

I do believe though that this little piece of literature has lots of beautiful potential.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Kelsie.

Yes, I am referring to myself in third-person.
Yes, this story is my own, based on my own experiences.
Yes, I am Kelsie.

Sometimes Kelsie didn't sleep, for various reasons of course. Some nights her sleepless nights were brought on because of homework responsibilities, other nights she would stay up during wee hours of the morning because college-life is social. However one February night Kelsie didn't sleep because she didn't want to sleep. She didn't want her night to end. Her eyes were heavy and she knew in just a few hours she would be up to start a new day, but she fought to keep her mind alert.

Moments before everything was simple. Simple and very much perfect. . . .

There are times in my life when the secrets of life are whispered to me. 

Growing up people told me you will just know -- you will just know when it hits you. 
I hated those comments- they always left me questioning how.
But maybe I am beginning to understand.

It feels wonderful. 

She tired to remember every detail so it wouldn't be forgotten --
The conversation, the laughing, the singing, the touch.

She never looked back.

This was right, she could feel in her chest and the grasp of reassurance embraced her. Nothing could take that away from her. She knew what she knew- and nothing could change that.

Nothing but time. . . 

Sleep is starting to set in- Kelsie's defenses are starting to retreat and all efforts to stay awake have been exhaused. As she drifts in and out of cautiousness the memories start to disintegrate into the lost dream world. 

*I have been lacking on documenting my life on camera the last few months. (Photobooth has just been really convenient) I promise to be better starting tomorrow/today on my road trip home! Yep, that is right I am finally going home to see the family. . . And I am bringing a surprise! A wonderful, brilliant, marvelous surprise that all will enjoy - especially me.    

Tomorrow is like waiting for Christmas to come.

Okay I am really going to sleep now.

Miss Dawn


Randi Lynn said...

You're a goner.

Jordan said...

Yep agreed with Randi on this one, your days are numbered.

mason said...

lol.....I think your friends know you all too well! ;)