Thursday, January 19, 2012

It is an indescribable kind of love.

I think people are beautiful.
Uniquely beautiful.

Couches line the hall where I sat studying.
Hymns seep through the walls of different classrooms creating a sound of glorious chaos.
I plug my ears to concentrate on the text. Soon the music would end and a Spiritual silence would radiate inside me again.

I decided to study in the LDS Institute this afternoon because I wasn't ready to face the rain that hadn't stopped since early this morning. And to be honest I enjoy studying within the safe walls of this large building.

Being the prepared college student that I am, I planned ahead and packed a lunch this morning. When the hunger pains stung the hollow depths of my stomach I pulled out my ham and cheese sandwich, complete with mustard, red pepper and lettuce. Yes, I am a huge fan of this lunch.

I wrapped my left leg underneath me and sat ready to devour my hand-held deliciousness.

The first bite was splendid.

But as I chewed my mind wondered away from the flavors that were being absorb into my mouth and focused on the events going on around me.

Class had just gotten out.

Spirit enlightened students were filing out of classrooms.

So many students.

I couldn't help but watch them. All of them.

They are so different, but we are so much a like.

When I watch people I try predict their story. I make up stories of where they have been, where they are going. I think of them as if I know who they are and that we are life-long friends. . . and in my mind we are.

As fast as they came into my field of vision they were gone again.

These friends of mine, who in all reality I don't even know their names. . .but they are beautiful and I love them.

Have you ever felt such an indescribable love for someone that you don't even know?

I love these people.

I love them so much that I drew them.

I don't want to forget them. Ever.

People are beautiful.

These people.

Heavenly Father's people.

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brielle dubois said...

i love your brilliant writing! every post makes me so happy! i tagged you in a post questionnaire! come have a look!

xo, brielle