Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Monday Moments.

This picture is just beautiful and I wanted to share it. 

Monday morning: All regular classes were cancelled. 

So, I went to Institute.

I decided to sit in on my friend Matt's class, that he only has good things to say about.

I had gotten to the institute early, so I picked up the Statesman, sat down on a couch in the study and began reading. The study was busy, as usual, and on the couch next to mine there was a boy studying a financial book and a few girls giggling about something one of them had said. I am always aware of the people around me, this isn't creepy.

I flipped through the Statesman and skimmed the pages, but didn't find anything too appealing, so I started reading the comics. The boy who was reading his book, looked up at me, smiled. I smiled back and went back to reading my paper. I looked up again, this time he said hello. 

We started talking about the paper, then about school and majors. 

Our conversation lasted for five minutes and then Matt came to meet me and take me to class. I told the boy on the couch that I needed to go, he asked for my number, so I gave it to him. Matt watched. The situation was splendidly awkward. And I have laughed about it ever since. 

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