Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturdays and Zombies

October in Logan is beautiful.
I am even enjoying the chilly weather. . .and I am summer-weather activist.

Jordan and I ran 11 miles today down the canyon. Logan canyon is vibrate and full of fragrance, so scenic, so beautiful. The harvest season is here and I love it.

My room is a mess. I have seven paris of shoes scattering the floor, my laundry hamper is erupting and piles of papers have pimpled my desk. I was going to dedicate my entire day on getting caught up, but instead I have been following zombies around campus.

That is not an error, I wrote zombies. I meant zombies. Utah State University is hosting the came Humans vs. Zombies and for my news journalism class I have been following the game all week. Last night I went to Zombie Prom and I have been reporting on the last battle all afternoon.

It is an intense game. I love how real the players make it seem.

Check out my classes blog on the Zombie filled week: Undeadline

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