Thursday, September 1, 2011

One day my stuff will be published. One day.

School has started, and goodness gracious I am going to be a very busy woman.

"Everything your write needs to be written 
with intention and with purpose."
- Matthew Laplante

With the start of Fall semester I am feeling fear.  Lots and lots of fear.  Especially for my Writing for the Media class.  Now before you form a bias against this class, I love it.  It is going to push me more than any class I have taken in my college career thus far.  Or at least that is the perspective I have at this moment.  
I am intimidated, but intrigued.  I will grow.  I may cry.  I may bleed.  Maybe I will even cry blood.  Gross.  Sorry.  

However, because I am going to dedicate so much of my time to school this semester my blog will suffer.  

On a positive note:
I love my major and I am ready to accept the challenge it takes.

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