Saturday, July 16, 2011


Sometimes driving over a screw happens causing tires to go flat.  It sure can put a puncture on things. . .

The Rango was hot from sitting in the sun all afternoon.  I stuck to the leather interior as I slide into the driver's seat.  I cranked my key in the starter bringing the Rango to life.  I turned up the AC, plugged in my Ipod and pulled my seatbelt across my lap- I was ready.  This is my "after work" routine.  I was off work and headed home.
I hadn't even made it out of the parking lot before the gas light flashed up on the console in front of me.  The my Primary lesson from Sunday, Parable of the Ten Virgins, flashed through my mind and I thought I better stop before I am stranded and too late to meet the Bridegroom.  There are three gas stations that I usually pass from the pool to my homestead, so I pulled into the third.  The only other vehicle at the gas station was a LAYS truck, dropping off potato chips I assume.  I swiped the plastic gas card, pushed the desired fuel button and started filling up my nearly empty Rango. . . and gee was it guzzling.  Not soon after a red car pulled up to the pump next to mine.  Nothing was said, but the connection of "hello" was made.  As I waited I read a few pages from my new book, The Help.
I have heard before the advice to look over your car every time you fuel up, I am sure it is a very smart thing to do, BUT I have never done that.  I come from a family of brothers and mechanics, many would and do infer that I too know a lot about engines. . . I don't- I know where the battery is, where the oil goes and how to trick-start the Saturn.  There was a older couple in the red car, the lady had walked inside and the man after starting to fuel up his engine expected his vehicle.  I really didn't think anything of it.  I was lost in my book and just wanting to go home and shower off my sunscreen body.
Soon enough the pump automatically stopped, I filled up just a little more to see if I could stop on a full dollar-  I always try to do this, I don't know why.  I grabbed my receipt and went through my "Rango-routine" once again.  As I started to pull away the man from the red car knocked on my window.  Easily I put the Rango into park and unrolled my window.
"Excuse me, but your tire is going flat."
This has never happened to me before, I don't know what to do.  I got out to over look the damage.  The man also observed the damage with me and soon pointed out that I had ran over a screw.  I thanked him multiple times and moved me car from the pumps and called my mom.  I didn't know what else to do and Mom always has the answers.

We ended up driving the Rango to the shop with it's flat tire only become flatter by the second.  My Daddy confirmed the damage and this morning already has it up and running.  He even washed the Rango.  I love my Dad.

Through this entire experience though I have been blessed by amazing people.  Firstly, the man from the red car.  He said something, he could have just let me leave, but instead he was watching out for me.  I mean just to be observant enough to notice opportunities to serve is an amazing characteristic.  Secondly, family both my mama and my papa.  My mama came to my rescue ready to comfort and to support me in all my travels.  Papa fixed it.  He makes everything better.  And as always he went above and beyond.  Not only did he fix my tire, but he also washed my car.
I am surrounded by angels.  I want to become an angel like them.