Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Simply Marvelous Life. Kaden

Kaden, an amazing man.
In grade school we were good friends.
I remember one day at lunch we imagined the cafeteria 
as our home and redesigned it accordingly.
 I share so much with Kaden.
He is the kindest, most thoughtful, giving person I know
and he has and will continue to be an example to many.
Kaden's life is SIMPLY MARVELOUS because he doesn't let anything get in his way.
This is to you my dearest Kaden.
Kaden Krause

Childhood Ambitions: 
I remember from long ago that I wanted to be a scientist to help people!

Wildest Dream: 
My wildest dream is actually to have a family.

Current Reading: 
I am currently re-reading the last Harry Potter. That Kelsie has never read! 

If I were limited to any kind of music I think that I would die.

My retreat is my music. My mood can change depending on they type of music that I am listening to.

First Job: 
I mowed lawns when I was a kid but my first job was host at good ol’ Salina Denny’s.

Last Purchase: 
Music from the iTunes store. New dancing stuff. I like to dance. =)

My inspiration comes from reading inspiring quotes. Mark Twain is my favorite person to pull quotes from.

Proudest Moment: 
My proudest moment was when I decided that no matter what, I would always be true to myself and that I would accept and love myself no matter what anyone else thought or said.

Biggest Challenge: 
My biggest challenge was and still is accepting myself.

Hidden Talent: 
I can cook. It’s my favorite.

Something you have yet to do: 
I have yet to skydive and it is something that I have always wanted to try.

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