Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Simply Marvelous Life. Jordan

My dearest roommate Jordan.
The first night I met her she was sitting at the kitchen table, our kitchen chairs were "squeaky".
A rumbling sound came from her chair and before anyone had time to even consider what the sound was she hastily gasped, "That was the chair!  I promise!"
Since we have been splendid friends!
Lets just say we were good for each other!  Jordan was the one that told me to think logically in crazy situations and I broke her in a little bit when it comes to personal space issues!  
Now that is a funny story- but for later!

Jordan is smart, competitive, smart, stubborn, talented, such a great friend, and did I mention smart?
I am excited to once again live at The Farm with this lovely lady!
Dear Jordan, you have a SIMPLY MARVELOUS LIFE!
Jordan Leigh Harman

Childhood Ambitions: 
Ok other than the fact that I am one of the most boring people known to mankind, I wanted to be a mom. Until I was in elementary school and my teacher told me that it wasn’t a real job, so I decided I was going to be a teacher, and well it stuck.

Wildest Dream: 
Ok something that I really would like to do is to travel, but not in your conventional way. A “special friend” and I would take several months (maybe even a year) and just take a duffle bag/ backpack fly to Europe and live there. We could go anywhere we wanted and really experience life in a different culture. No plans, just a map and ready for some adventure.

Current Reading: 
I have this really bad habit of reading more than one book at a time, so I am currently reading two books. The Hunger Games (actually I have now finished all of that series) and The Wednesday Letters; I just barely started both of them within the past week and so far they are pretty grand! Thank you to those friends who recommended them to me!

The Beatles….oh those words put together just make me smile. Their music is seriously the music of my soul, although it can be a little weird at times, but then I guess it fits.

The outdoors. Even just being outside (even when it isn’t exactly pleasant) is heaven to me. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the wilderness either, just a pretty view to make me grateful for this beautiful world we all live in. I can just relax, think, thank, and be myself!

First Job:
My first job was a babysitter when I was 12, but if that does not count than I was a Nanny for 3 wonderful children ages 5, 3, and 18 months when I was 15. I absolutely loved it and we had so much fun!

Last Purchase:
My last purchase was splitting Chinese Food in the lovely town of Burley, Id when I visited. There is nothing like good food and friends that you haven’t seen in a while.

I get my inspiration from everywhere, but I would have to say that I receive most of my inspiration from my wonderful family, glorious friends, and the marvelous gospel that I am a member.

Proudest Moment:
My proudest moment thus far would have to be just recently I planned and coordinated my cousin’s wedding luncheon. It was thrown on me last second, and I was really stressed out about it. But I did it and it turned out really well. Then my other cousin got married a week later and everyone told me that I did a better job than they had. It made me feel really good because I am SUPER self-conscious about throwing parties or any type of big event! And I did this one spur of the moment and it was a total success!!

Biggest Challenge:
I think that my biggest challenge is that I expect perfection from myself. I have to be like Mary Poppins, “Practically perfect in every way.”

Hidden Talent: 
My nerdy hidden talent is that I can make balloon animals! I am still learning so I am pretty limited on what I can make but giraffes, dogs, poodles, flowers, and such.

Something you have yet to do:
Oh my goodness there are SO many things that I want to do in life that I have yet to do! I want to run a half-marathon (no I am not as crazy as Kelsie), go fishing, travel, ride a motorcycle, snow shoeing, snow mobiling, and ride the biggest fastest and tallest roller coaster. I also would really like to graduate and teach, get married and start a family; yeah I know a lot to work on haha. 

Writings (blog):
www.jabberingjo-16.blogspot.com: It is a work in progress…I only started it about 4 months ago, so it is extremely random and I am still trying to figure out what blogging is for me. So it is random bits of stuff that I experience, think, or whatever. I honestly have no idea haha. But, all the credit is due to Miss Kelsie Dawn because she is the one that got me to become a blogger.


Eric Richardson said...

Jordan, I love the Beatles too. Finally Kelsie blogged about someone I know!

Eric Richardson said...

Oh, wait you did Tami. I know her too.

Jordan said...

Oh Eric we all know you "LOVE" the Beatles...hahaha