Thursday, June 23, 2011

panties and things.

Today I realized that I haven't worn underwear for longer than eight hours at a time in the last three days.  I kind of miss the feel of dry cotton on my bum. . . sorry if that is a little too much information, but honestly people, cotton panties are the way to go.
When I wake up in the morning and the first thing a do is throw a swim suit on.  Through out the day I will change from wet suit to dry suit, but I usually stay in my swim gear until I go to bed that night.  And despite the desire of dry undies I love days like these.  Days when I end up living at the pool, warmed by the sun, and cooled by the kids who find it so rebelliously fun to splash the lifeguard!  Don't tell, but I secretly enjoy it!

The summer season has once again confirmed to me that it is my favorite time of year.  Even though snow is great and winter scarves are wonderful I am just fine living in the sunshine, taking in my pool and wearing as little bit of clothing that is modestly possible.  I love the rows of plants growing in the garden and the lush fullness of the lawn.  Summer night are majestic complete with starry skies and musical crickets.  And for anyone who doesn't know about my flirtatious side, I am all about having a summer romance.    There are just somethings that don't change. . .

I have been trying to predict what direction my life is going to go in.  In the next year I have to make a choice out of the THREE BIG M's.  Mission, Major, Marriage.

  1. MISSION:  In a year from now I could be filling out mission papers!  . . . If you had to read that last part twice it is okay, it is hard to believe.  I seem too young to go on a mission.  Well at least I feel to young to be thinking about going on a mission.  I have always wanted to serve though and so if nothing else happens between now and then I will be getting ready to receive my call!  I will admit this makes me nervous.  This is the direction I see things going at this point.
  2. MAJOR: During Spring Semester I change my major to Communications!  I never really considered this before, but it maybe smart to finish my major and then go on my mission.  I guess this option will always be available and I will finish my major eventually I just have to decided if I want to finish before the mission or after, I guess in some cases it could be instead of too.
  3. MARRIAGE: The biggest M-word of them all and most definitely the greatest impact on my entire life. CLARIFICATION:  I am not seriously dating anyone right now, so don't be expecting any announcements of engagement or anything of the sort.  That is all I have to say about that.
Oh, another update!  A week ago I dyed my hair and it is DARK!  Darker than I have ever gone!  I liked it, loved it, hated it, contemplated it, liked it, and finally I love it again!  The first few days I couldn't decide if I looked like a gothic or like Pocahontas.  Grandma RueLeen called me her island girl, and others have said I was an indian princess.  The darkness is growing on me though and I think I will keep it for a while!

One more thing. . . I started Shay's senior pictures!  What do you think?

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Randi Lynn said...

Once upon a time in Hawaii...someone in the condo building we were staying at accidentally stole my undies from the laundry room.
No worries, I got them back.