Friday, May 20, 2011

when it rains. . .

. . . it pours and it doesn't stop for a week and a half-  Well, that is how it has been lately.

Growing up we were always taught to pray for water. . . 
To all those Latter-day Saints: you know the routine prayer. . .
" We are thankful for this day, for our many blessings. . . . (other details)
. . . . please bless us with moisture, that we may water our crops. 
Also bless that we can get home safely. . "
The fact that we have gotten so much rain shows that prayers are answered.
I have a few theories to the rain answered prayers:
  1. There was a bad signal, and our prayers weren't getting through until recently.  Heavenly Father knows of our dryness and is doing all he can to prepare us for dusty days to come. . . 
  2. He doesn't want us to stop praying.  So, either we need to pray for more water or pray for less- beggars can't be choosers right? Besides, this way we stay humble.
  3. He knows what He is doing.  He has a larger perspective of the matter.  AND have you seen how beautiful and clean all this water makes my little Central Utah town and the towns surrounding?  Simply breath taking! (don't worry more pictures to come!) 
  4. OR- maybe this rain is suppose to give us opportunities to serve others
  5. It could also be that the weather is suppose to keep us inside- practically making us FIND time to read or scriptures and build up our gospel doctrine.
  6. Maybe the rain was sent to us in such large quantities to try our patience and to give us an opportunity show our gratitude for what we are blessed with.
Yep, it is decided, I like the rain.  I also really like my rainy-day theories.  

My niece, Halee, is being baptized on Saturday.  I am so proud of her, (as mention before) but the rain reminds me of this song and it makes me beam!  Clean, beautiful and pure- like the earth after rain!  Simply Marvelous!  IT IS TRUE! can you feel it in your heart? It makes all my heart expand and my breathing shallow- Heavenly Father loves us so much that we have been given the opportunity to be baptized.  Through Jesus Christ's atonement we can repent of our sins and once again return to live with our Heavenly Father one day.  Pray for guidance and strength- because through Him anything is possible.  I know this.  

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The Higgs' said...

Kelsie I love the way you think about things. You are inspiring! There is purpose in everything for sure. One day last week the sun poked out for a minute and created the brightest, most breathtaking full double rainbow I had ever seen. It was amazing. I instantly thought of you. You would have loved it!