Tuesday, May 31, 2011

backdoor neighbors. . . forever-

Ashley and I had a sleep over.
It has been a long time coming, but most defiantly worth it!

Ashley was my backdoor neighbor growing up.  We did everything together- I remember spilling red fingernail polish on her bedspread, building frost in the hallway to play space travel, picnics, sleepovers, barbies, and climbing through hole in the fence that split our two backyards.  We fought over who got to be Pocahontas, who Tanner Q. loved more, and who's house we got to play at.  She has been there for it all.  Growing up we shared Chickenpox, popsicles, and adventures.  Ashley was most defiantly my best friend.

Then we grew up, but we stayed pretty close.  Ashley was a grade ahead of me.  I would wait for her at the bus stop, we would walk home together- then she had to go take a nap. . .More waiting for me.  Eventually Ashley and I became more and more distant, but our friendship was always there. 

High school came.  Ashley helped me prepare for cheer tryouts- I made the squad, then for the next three years we worked together as teammates, as partners.  Once again we were united as the best friends that grew up next door to one another.  She was my friend, my buddy, my ride, my back-spot, my spotter, and my captain.
This is a picture of our cheer/song squad my junior year.  Ashley and I were ride buddies- we are on the front row second and third in from the right.

Ashley moved nearly two years ago.  Leaving me.  She graduated and went off to college.  We would occasionally run into one another every now-n-again, but every time it was rushed and un-personal. . . Then her younger brother, Chase, graduated and once again we ran into each other on a very rushed bases.  I found out that she and her family is moving again, only this time quite far away.  

I borrowed this picture from Ashley's mom, Kelly's Facebook.

It was decided then and there that we were going to have a sleepover before she left.  And that is exactly what we did.  Kicking the night off with pictures, hot tubbing, plenty of catching up, then falling to sleep on the living room floor while Letters to Juliet played through a few times.

Even if she doesn't live behind me anymore, Ash will always be my backdoor neighbor forever-  BNF!  

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