Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Simply Marvelous Life. Brielle

It is TUESDAY again! - at this rate summer is going to be over before I know it!
That idea makes me sad- I LOVE summer!
Tuesdays mean that I get to do another SIMPLY MARVELOUS LIFE post 
and I love doing these, mainly because I learn so much more about my friends with each one!

This is my friend Brielle.
We met on a date, I was with my good friend Jantzen and she was with Clay, another friend of mine.
The four of us went bowling- I am pretty sure I lost, I am not good at bowling.
Since then though Brielle and I have continued to be friends- particularly Blog Buddies.
Funny fact:  I am actually older than Brielle even though she graduated a year earlier!  
It is still hard for me to wrap my head around that thought!  

Ladies and Gentlemen meet Brielle Turner!

Brielle Turner

Childhood Ambitions:
I always dreamed about being a ballerina architect. Or a Mermaid. I probably cried for about six years when I found out mermaids were mythical creatures…

Wildest Dream:
I always have dreamed of moving to Nashville and making it big. Like, Taylor Swift big. The thing is, I can’t sing. Or play guitar. Or write music. I can barely order pizza without getting stage fright. Dream big, right?

Current Reading:
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Well, I’ve started it, but I haven’t continued reading it in a while. Give me a break… finals were killer! I promise I’ll finish soon, and then I’ll read Jesus the Christ. That’s what summer is for!

Anything that includes a ukulele or an amazing woman named Christina Perri. If someone were to combine those two things, my ears would be in musical heaven.

I’ve never been, but I’m sure Italy would make my top 10 list. Dear future husband: PLEASE honeymoon with me in Rome. Verona. Florence. You’re the best! Sincerely love, b.

First Job:
I worked for my dad cleaning the funeral home until I decided to be a big girl and adventure by myself into the scary world of adult work. I was a glitter girl at twelve timbers and let me tell you, it was probably the best job ever. Go apply.

Last Purchase:
I bought myself a high quality hair cut and color this morning from the lovely students at Mountainland. It was quite nerve wracking to have an unexperienced girl pouring all sorts of dyes on my scalp, but I would dare say it turned out quite nicely. Hair schools are great. More bang for your buck.

Oh dear, I draw inspiration from everywhere. My newly converted roommate Shawna and my boyfriend Scott both inspire me to be a better person. Marjorie Pay Hinckley, Emma Smith, my mother and Audrey Hepburn inspire me to be a better woman. Every single blog I follow inspires me in one way or another, whether it is to be more organized, become a better writer, or put more color in other people’s worlds. I feel like life is one big quest of being inspired by others and in return, passing that inspiration on to others.

Proudest Moment:
So far? I would have to say high school graduation. I’ll never forget the feeling of looking down in the middle of my send-off speech to see all the kids I had grown up with dressed in red and blue, ready to start a new chapter of our lives. It wasn’t so much pride in myself I felt at that moment, but pride in my class, my school, my town, and all my friends. Best feeling ever!

Biggest Challenge:
College. Hands down. Moving from a place where everyone knows who you are and you feel like you are an important part of something to a huuuuge town with no one you know and no one cares if you even show up to class is a very hard adjustment to make. It has been 2 years now and I’m still trying to figure out just where I fit in up in this huge ocean of people.

Hidden Talent:
I bake a mean loaf of bread. I can do a handstand for exactly one second. I’m pretty good at cleaning mirrors without leaving streaks. I can sleepthrough an earthquake, and I’ve been known to scare away boys like no one’s business.

Something you have yet to do:
Oh so many things! Work at an orphanage in Cambodia. Learn French. Hike the Y. Learn to change a tire. Fall in love. Get married. Have pretty babies. Grow old with the love of my life… ya know, the usual. Good thing I’m only 19! Got my whole life ahead of me (:

Writings (blog): 
Just checkkk it out! brielleturner.blogspot.com (: it’s a definite work in progress, but you are welcome to follow and learn of my random, crazy, rude, sometimes boring thoughts and adventures! (:

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