Friday, April 1, 2011

What am I getting myself into?

I am so glad that it is starting to feel like Spring. . . 
Even though it is suppose to SNOW on Saturday.
Joy! - I'm kidding.

Fear is the only thing I think about at this point.
Thoughts of my MARATHON to be creep into my mind constantly. . .
I am so nervous
and I have until September.
My body hurts already- 
I can only imagine what 26.2 miles will feel like.
what am I doing?
I will do this.
But it may not be pretty.

Summer is too can't come soon enough,
but on that same note I can't believe it is almost here.
College- Year one is almost complete.
Geeze.  So much has happened this year,
Who would have thought?

Happy PRE Conference 

Oh, and it is April Fool's today!  
(mischievous laughs!) 
What to do, what to do?

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