Tuesday, April 5, 2011

(perma smile!)

Once upon a time I met a guy.
His name is Eric.
He lives in J3
He has crazy curly hair.
And he always makes me happy.
He was my FHE Papa.
We are friends-
sometimes we are "secret-lovers"
 Eric isn't ticklish,
but other than that
we are a lot a like.
It is true.

On April first we got ENGAGED!
and then un-engaged!  
I made Eric play with me.
Actually- I didn't even ask if he wanted to play- oops!
He was also fooled.

I hacked onto his FB account. . .
well not really- he left it signed in on his computer- his fault!
I posted our Relationship Status on Facebook as "ENGAGED"
and within 2 MINUTES I got a phone call
from my mother-
I guess the EXTENDED family had already found the news.
They were expecting an explanation.
I laughed all the while Mom cussed me

She made me call my Grandma RueLeen before word got to her.
That would have been bad mojo!
I called her!  I love calling her
O and to make matters so much better,
Grandma LOVES April Fools!
She was the Foolin' Queen back-in-the-day!
And as expected she giggled all the while I told her of my foolin' ideas.
I will share some of her tricks from her day eventually! 
She was a master!
Word gets around fast in my small town
especially due to Facebook.
I found this ring picture on Google,
posted it as my Facebook picture and got so many complements.

Dear lady of the ring: Everyone thinks it is "Gorgeous!" 
O and that your man is a "keeper" according to the diamond size! (thumps up!)  
P.S. Thanks for letting me use a picture of your hand and ring-
It greatly added to the whole effect of things!

To all of those who left me kind words of Congratulations 
Thank You
I got a great kick out of each FB comment, text message and phone call!
To all that were so gullible to believe me
You made my entire day!

Merry Fooling Day of April! (:

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Hillary Sue said...

Kelsie Dawn this was a very clever April Fools joke! The ring is very pretty and whoever the owner of the ring is very lucky!:) Hope school is going good for you! Have fun!