Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dedicated to my sunburn.

ya know, a lot of the time I write for those who read my blog, but today I could care less if anyone read this post.
I feel like I should be blogging about something deep and profound.  Probably because the only things I have been thinking lately have been deep and profound, but when I try to focus on just one thought I can't.  My mind has been going thousands of miles an hour that I can't hang on to any of it!
I am getting antsy for the semester to be over.  I want summer to come, school to be out, and well I want to move home.  Right before Christmas break last semester I got this same anxious feeling- only it has kicked in a lot sooner this time.
This week, and the next three to come, I plan on stowing away at the library.  It is time for this girl to buckle down and get some work done.  In high school I worked hard- One could classify me as a "teachers-pet" or even a "goody two-shoes" and to be honest I was okay with that.  College has been a whole different story.  I feel like all I do is mess around- probably because that is all I do. . . I am getting by with dissent grades, but doing the bare minimum will only hold out so long.

Today I did a lot of people watching.  I skipped my Crossfit class to study for a math test I had and found myself basking in the sun while I went of logarithmic and exponential equations.  I probably sat outside for a good two hours leaving with a slight sunburn and a wasp bite on my leg (yes, it was a wasp bite not a sting). There are so many people here at USU.  Sometimes I forget that small fact.  Everyday I see people I have never seen before- bewilderment!  SO MANY PEOPLE, I love and hate this fact.  Last weekend I went home- everyone knows me there.  I like that people know me.  They know who I am, where I come from, what I am like, my character, my standards- EVERYTHING- (this could also be a good and bad thing.)  Sometimes I wish I had that here.

I need to go to bed so that I can be alert physically, mentally and spiritually.
Life is full of checks and balances that keep us on our toes.  I like it.

I just caught one of my deep thoughts:

"The Lord will take care of the details"- Elder John Groberge, fireside April 10, 2011

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