Sunday, April 17, 2011

lack of sleep = cleaning?

Time: Approx. 9:07 AM
Place: Vanity in D4
Task: De-clogging the sink.

please don't mind my short-shorts. . . I was cleaning!
 I arrived to D4 around seven thirty Saturday morning.  The lights were all off and everyone in the house was sleeping despite Jordan and I who were sleep deprived from the previous Relay For Life activities.  As we trudged up the stairs discussing the events of the day to come I soon realized that there weren't enough hours for things that I had scheduled to do that day.  In that moment of time I contemplated my priorities and soon came to the conclusion that sleep could wait and that now was the time for me to get to work. . . yes work.
I have this huge pet-peeve of clean clothes.  I absolutely hate starting off a week having a hamper full of dirty clothes.  It honestly drives me bonkers.  We have a laundromat in my complex that isn't too far from my building and on Saturday it is known to get packed.  I knew that if I wanted to get me clothes washed there was no time like the present.  As soon as I walked into my room I grabbed my dirty clothes and lugged them down to the cleaners.  The initial  plan was to start my laundry and then go back to bed. . . However, as soon as I got back to my apartment I caught a second wind.  My version of a cleaning Nazi was released.
Next up, the kitchen.  My roommates and I have come up with a system of chores and each week we all have a job to do.  Clever I know.  Mine this week was the kitchen and it was in drier need of some TLC.  As part of the job regulations we have until Monday at midnight to finish our assigned duty, but I despise cleaning on Mondays, Sundays are completely out of the question and so there I was scrubbing the floors around eight in the morning.  Exhausted, but far from total and complete bodily shut-down.
After the kitchen I was on a cleaning high- which lately has been really rare (you should see my bedroom).  I saw the vanity sink- I had been meaning to tackle the monster which lived within the throat of the sink and I finally had the courage to take it down.  Everyone else was still sleeping so I figured that my opportunity was golden.  I grabbed the plunger- and tried plunging out the gunk.  Gurgling sounds of the underworld (aka: the drain) sounded the house and soon everyone was up curious to what I was doing.  No hope.  Next trial for success was to undo the p-hole? (the little contraption underneath the sink)  Mind you, I have no plumbing experience whatsoever.  As soon as I got the p-whole cap off I couldn't get it back on and there was water spewing everywhere when I turned on the nozzle. . . Long story short getting the cap back on was an adventure all of it's own.  Finally I turned to my last chance of success- taking out the drain head (again, I don't know the correct terminology).  Tami advised me to use her latex gloves that she accidentally brought home from work.  Bless her heart!
To save you from the gruesome details I took out the drain head, looked in to the throat of the drain and saw doom- o wait, nope, just kidding, the only thing I could see was hair- an almost complete blockage of hair in my drain.  Nasty!  I stuck my latex-covered finger down the drain and pulled out the bit I could reach of the closer, but I couldn't successfully bring out all of it.  Kellie advised a metal hanger and happily donated to the cause.  Sticking a hooked end down to the depths of water flowage I retrieved an eight inch tap-worm of hair!   I threw it in the bag and ran to my room gaging . . . if I didn't have serious throwing-up issues I defiantly would have lost my breakfast right then.
I finished the task of cleaning the sink- but as soon as that was done I no longer had the urge to clean and went on with my day - not sleeping until eight thirty at night!

Oh, and for a quick sneak peak!
I took Tami and Jayson's engagements yesterday- 
nearly fell asleep driving them around
got rained out
but ended up with some awesome picture!

Correction: "p-hole" is suppose to be "p-trap", but I'm not changing it!


Tyson said...

Four things went through my mind as I read your post:
1. You have sexy legs
2. You are crazy
3. You take good engagement pics
4. You are crazy

Tami said...

You are AWESOME KELSIE! thanks so much