Tuesday, March 1, 2011

you can call me. . . . Dr. Mason

My husband is going to have to like to play pretend.
I like to play pretend.
. . . . . 
Yesterday I was a doctor
for this guy
His name is Eric.
He is a J3 boy.
He kind of screwed up his ankle. . .
or so we thought.
It looked bad.

I suggested Redmond clay
Yes, small town remedies
it works.
I found some from a few friends that I have up here.
(thanks Wendy and Kelby)
I made putty 
and wrapped Eric's Leg in it.
My friends claimed that my hick-ness was showing through
and I guess in a way it was.

Today Eric went to the doctor
After much persuasion . . . 
of course!

And this happened.
Yep it is broken.
It is gross.
I may or may not have pulled out some of Eric's
leg hair while he was sitting 
helplessly elevating his leg last night.

Get well soon Eric! (:

Stay Tuned:  Eric will probably tell the whole GROSS story of the event on his blog . . . No promises, but I am sure he will find time to do it. . . just a thought.


brielle said...

redmond clay = amazing. hannah and i have a big bucket full of it! haha it can fix anything.

Tyson said...

hahaha Kelsie you are crazy but I rather enjoyed your post!

Eric Richardson said...

If you were dressed up like you are in that picture I would have not let you near my leg.

Kelsie said...
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