Friday, February 25, 2011

weather forecast:

 Hey I beat the storm!
I left Logan at noon and hoped and prayed I wouldn't get caught in bad weather.
. . . . 
My cousin Shalysse prayed for us
and looky here - I made it home safe!

My trip consisted of:
 No stress- I didn't text and drive. . . 
. . . when there were other vehicles on the road
(I am trying to be better)

After 3.5 hours in the car
I made it!
Blue Skies.
Fifty degree weather.
No snow in the valley.
. . . . 
yep- defiantly not in Logan anymore.

(can you tell that I got bored after I dropped off Shalysse?  I may or may not have got a little bit distracted with the camera while driving- what is more of a distraction. . . the phone vs. Oscar?)

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