Saturday, March 12, 2011

just let her sleep.

I love this.
Holding a sleeping child is like nothing else.
To me it is like a piece of heaven- in the moment.
It is simple. It is about love.

I will miss this when I go back to Logan.

Today as been lovely.
Not only did I get to rock my little Addi to sleep, but today I slept in. . . In my mind perhaps a bit too much, but I feel good now- my body must have needed it I guess.  I finished my book.  I started reading The Hunger Games on Wednesday and despite many pleasant interruptions I finally finished it.  I highly recommend it.  It was beautiful outside.  I love the first hiccups of spring!  Last but not least tonight, or tomorrow morning we move the clocks forward. . . and even though I will loose one hour of sleep (I made up for it today) I love when it is brighter later!  

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Warrior Princess said...

i just finished reading the series of the Hunger Games and loved it! how are you?