Friday, March 4, 2011

dear husband. . . I did it again.

Kitchen failure #2        

(in the last week. . . )

So yesterday we had an COOKIE PARTY!  it was more like a cookie open house.
I made my fabulous homemade oreos- (high-five to me) Yes, they are fabulous and for the record I have never ruined them. . . (knocking on my desk!. . .it is wood.)

I was on top of things- I successfully finished making my treats two hours before the party - look at me not procrastinating!  Then I started making a book with Eric and Jordan.

Tami and Tyson had been making applesauce cookies- for some reason they left and asked if I would put the last batch in.  Being the lovely roommate I am I did as they asked- put whatever was left of the dough onto the sheets and stuck the last batch into the oven.  Put the timer on for ten minutes and left.

(Ten minutes later. . . )
I took the beautiful applesauce cookies out of the oven.  SUCCESS!

BUT wait, there was something still in the oven. . . .
I opened the door wide and to my surprise another cookie sheet.
   WAIT!  did you catch that?  I said, "ANOTHER COOKIE SHEET!"
In my mind I rethought things through. . . calculating my previous actions and I had only put one cookie sheet into the oven.
How could there be two?
I have decided that our oven is possessed. . . it isn't my lack of skill in the kitchen.

um. . .
or it could have been that I was suppose to take cookies out of the oven before I put new ones in.
Note to self: next time I "throw" a cookie pan into the oven make sure the oven is empty of other cookie pans.

*my poor husband. . . . good thing he is going to love me!

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