Wednesday, February 9, 2011

. . . addiction?

I have an addiction.  Well two addictions actually. . . 
It is called Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator - It is going to be the end of me.

I took my first BIG math test today. . . and I learned that:

K+J(m) = K(m) < 3(100)

Translation (in English):  Kelsie + Jordan (math) = Kelsie is going to get a good grade in math and she loves her roommate Jordan who is a math goddess!  

Tomorrow I have another test only this one is for Biology- I should get back to studying.  I have finally over come the "freshman" stage of college, meaning I have buckled down on my studies!  (high five me!)

I am thinking of getting involved with student government at the university.  I have been playing "campaign manager" for my friend Tyson who is running for Programmer next week!  To be honest I really like doing this kind of thing-  hm. . . I need a five, ten, fifteen, ect. year plan.  I need goals that will push my limits and demand my best.  

Maybe I will major in psychology? 

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