Monday, December 6, 2010

To go along with my "I'm in control" theme I found this video that would just suffice. . . Yep, I pretty much like her.

Today, Sunday- well according to the time I guess Sunday was actually yesterday, but anyway.
I had a great day, a spiritual Fast-Sunday spent with good food, friends, and well the spirit.
I don't know what it is now though- probably the late hour, but I just feel gloomy.
Most of my friends from home are getting out of school on Friday. . . What I would give to have Christmas break start on Friday!  But no, up here we have a whole week more than them. . . It can't come soon enough- especially with me dwelling on the time.
But who cares to be quite honest. . . ha!

I am wearing spandex right now- I know it is almost two in the morning, but it is cold in my house.
I think the first thing to always get cold on my body is my nose. . . are there such things as nose warmers?
Finals are coming up- joy! not.  I should be studying, but I can't think straight anymore.

Tomorrow (today) I am looking forward to swimming laps!  Last week I was moved up into the fast lanes!  My instructor turned to me and said, "Kelsie why haven't you been in these lanes all semester?" and then a girl in the lanes told me in the locker rooms afterwards that I was really fast!  (ESTEEM BOOSTER!)  It is amazing what simple complements and acts of kindness can do to someones day.  These simple acts can truly change someone's life- Big deal, I know!
Tomorrow I am excited to go to the gym and to run/work-out . . . I am excited to sweat!  (grr!) I want to go work out no, but I shouldn't- it isn't wise, safe or healthy at this point and time.

This week I am excited for soup and bread bowls, summer in a box, exercising every day!!, to eat celery, apples, peanut butter, to take warm showers, sit in front of the blowing heater, wear clean clothes, meeting new people, and finding humility and gratitude in all that I have.

My life is great, even when I am tired and freezing- I am so blessed!

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