Saturday, November 13, 2010

Then comes marriage.

 Kristina and I have been friends for the longest time!  When we were little we called each other on the phone every night and then we would meet and go walking in the morning (like the older ladies did - we were probably only in sixth grade).  When Kristina asked me to take her pictures I was so excited, and nervous at the same time!  I hadn't been home for a few weeks so I had no idea what places looked like or how the lighting was or anything of the sort.
All turned out better than I had hoped though.  Kristina looks beautiful- it is really easy to take a beautiful picture when you have a beautiful subject!  I can't wait to take her engagements the next time I come home!

BIG QUESTION:  Should I go out in photography?


Team Cowan said...

That is, if you truly love it. But I think you definitely have talent.

Warrior Princess said...

most definately :)you take BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! hope you bring your camera with you when you come up! ;)

mason said...

Soooo cute!
I am excited to see my chilly's!! Thanks again for taking their pics!!