Thursday, November 18, 2010

a promise is a promise.

Look at this little man!  Isn't he gorgeous!  Can I say that about a boy?  Anyhow I promised Sandi that I would get some pictures up of her little chillins!  And so this is me kind of keeping my promise (:  The last time I went home I took head shots of my kids!  It has been extremely hard for me to stay focused on my studies this last week because these pictures have just been waiting for me to pay them a little bit more attention- I want to so badly, but for now I must have self control.  I just finished a huge test I have been studying for all day and now I have math homework, I need to type up my outline for my research paper (at this point I have no direction at all) and I am working on a group project in an hour- not to mention I need figure out my class schedule before midnight so that I can register!
I will get more pictures up of all the kids as soon as I can (possibly tomorrow or tonight late-late).  O and there is a very funny/sad story that goes along with this picture of Strat!


mason said...

SO HANDSOME!!! Funny, funny story!! I am still laughing about it!! LOL
You're the best. No hurry....just when you get time!!
Thanks again

The Masons said...

Way cute! When is it my girls turn? Ha Ha!!