Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Break = PICTURES!

This weekend I pretty much took TONS of pictures. . . And well I pretty much loved it!

Sam was first up-  I needed to just be creative and to take pictures.  I needed to find some new spots, check out my old spots and I needed to get my creative juices flowing again.  Since Sam had come home with me I pretty much volunteered him to be my guinea pig.  He didn't mind one bit!
No. 2- These two handsome fellas were a hoot and a holler!  Bah!  Kids sessions can be so much fun!  Little Fred was all about the camera and Dillion was such a good sport!  

Engagements pictures came third- and it was SO FLIPPIN' COLD!  poor Kristina and Kelby didn't even have coats on!  I had so much fun playing around and I hope I didn't make them feel too awkward haha! They were so cute together, I am so happy for Kristina!
After a week like this one I feel like I could really enjoy making a career/hobby out of being a photographer.  I honestly think that I would have loads of fun, but first I want to take some classes and get some equipment- my OWN equipment.

Christmas list:
Nikon D5000
Silver Spray Paint (to finish making a reflector)

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Hillary Sue said...

Kels, I love all the pictures!! You do a wonderful job and you will be a great photographer!:)