Sunday, November 28, 2010

Frame it.

Picture frames make me happy.
Pictures are beautiful, but when they are put on for show it makes them complete- it draws the eye in and captures it.
I am back in Logan.
I feel relieved, but at the same moment I feel a desperate longing for home (only three weeks until Christmas break).
My house is still cold. . . I didn't miss that one bit.
We have a Christmas tree- YEAH JORDAN!
I have discovered that ProActive makes me break out.
I want to serve and LDS mission.
The phrase "I'm in control" means so much to me.
Goal: be in control.
I want to become more involved: with the school, institute, my ward, everything- I want to be crazy.
I am NERVOUS for my Crossfit class next semester.
The idea of starting a photography business is constantly on my mind. . . should I?. . . Pros vs. Cons?
I climbed a roof tonight- probably not the smartest idea.
I need to work on the list of goals that I wrote awhile back.
Can't wait until the Jensen Family Christmas Party Saturday!
I am so tempted to go tanning with my cousin on Tuesday.
Why am I on blogger when I could be sleeping?
I think my toes have frost bite

Pictures frames are beautiful huh.  I want to cover my walls with them some day!

P.S. I wish I could nail holes into my walls so that the picture frame that I have hanging above my bed would finally stay up and quit falling on me.  It has previously been hung up with those little stick-hook thingies. . . ?


brielle said...

ha so this is random but i use the velcro stuff for my pictures and it works amazingly! they haven't fallen once!

Warrior Princess said...

nice pic of sam! proactiv makes me break out too!! i think it dries my face out too much. love you!