Saturday, October 23, 2010


Every day I kick myself for not having my camera on me.  As I walk around on campus, to and from home as I sit by the fountain I wish I had a camera to exemplify the beauty that the Lord has put on this earth for us to enjoy.
The fall is beautiful in Logan.  Everything is changing colors, but yet still lush.  Where I come from the leaves barely start to turn colors when they freeze and just fall to the ground.  The weather has been spectacular.  Yes, I do love summer -- the heat, the green, the water, the sunshine! but fall is amazing! -- the colors are so rich, the air crispy and I love getting all bundled up in cozy clothing!
Anyhow yesterday I only had one class- yes it is homecoming and well long story short my other class got cancelled! SCORE!  I walked home and the as usual I was complaining that I didn't have my camera!  I was whining to Sam and so since we had to go back up to campus real quick anyway (free Scotsman's!) he made me bring my camera -- Nice work Samuel!
After a delicious lunch!  Walking home took almost an hour and a half compared to the regular seven minutes.  I loved it.  I have been craving the creativity to finding the different perspectives of an object and capture its beauty.  The need to take and edit photos is now satisfied for the moment and I am very much content.  I do however wish to have a marvelous new camera. . (hint. hint.) hehe
Yep I pretty much love Logan Falls! -- I am still not so sure on the winters though. . . .

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Adam and Dev said...

Kels, you should take a photography class at USU! You would do great in it—I had to take one as an art/design major and it's lots of fun :)