Wednesday, October 27, 2010

homecoming. (usu style)

Homecoming. . . for the last four years the week of Homecoming meant loss of sleep, food, energy, patience, tears and communication.  Homecoming meant so much work. . . and ya that is basically all I got out of it was the satisfaction of doing so much work to make things go according to plan.  
Homecoming always meant hard volleyball practices, lots of sign painting, skit making, dancing, float building, no sleeping . . . . I was just going and going and going. . . no stopping- well that is until I would have a complete emotional breakdown and have to cry to my mom (yes, this is how I deal with my frustrations- I let a bunch of little things build up inside of me until I can't take it anymore and of an emotional crying fast while my mom rationally talks me through each small detail. . . )  I didn't really ever love homecoming.
Well college homecomings are so much different!  First of all homecoming means free food!  Every day there was at least one free meal if not two for poor starving college students like myself to enjoy.  The second thing I loved about homecoming was the dance!  Sam asked me to go with him- and for all those who don't know me I LOVE to play dress up.  The dance was marvelous Sam has great potential to become a superb dancer!  Finally the parade and the game!  The parade was fun- a pretty decent parade.  My favorite part about it all was watching the kids race to pieces of taffy and the satisfaction that each little piece gave. . .Then there was the game! Brrr! That is all I can honestly say about it!  We got there and the stands were loaded everyone excited and anxious to support our team and by the end of the first quarter all those true supportive Aggie fans were spotted throughout the stands being pelted by fierce rain drops.  (my school spirit didn't even last through the third quarter.)

The week was great!  Ending with Mark making yummy food - cheeseburger soup and pumpkin cookies, getting all my homework done before Sunday, having a movie marathon and rough-housin' just a little bit.
. . . . I guess I don't need to stress over homecomings anymore. . . I'm okay with that!

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