Saturday, October 9, 2010

Check out this song, oh and this one.
I love it.  It makes me happy.

I have had the most amazing week, and now as I am sitting here on my bed I feel a bit melancholy-ish.  I don't know why to be honest.  Maybe it is because I have tons of homework and mid terms to study for, maybe it is because I feel very grateful and I only want to repay everyone for all they have done, or perhaps it is the fact that my time is slipping away from me. . . .

Yesterday I was texting my sister.  O how I miss her so much.  She probably doesn't even realize it, but she said some things to me that has really made me think.  Then I went to IWA Women's Conference today and I was hit with the same thoughts.  I am always amazed at how the Lord speaks to me.  I have grown so close to My Heavenly Father these past few months, all I want to do is pray- all the time.

Have you ever thought of the importance of one day?  Today is Saturday and as I will spend the rest of it doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, studying and doing homework, someone else is getting married, having a child, celebrating a victory, falling in love, taking their last breath, crying over a failure, agonizing because of death. . . Major life changing events.  A pivoting point.  Days that will never be forgotten. . . and here I sit.  And o how thankful I am just to sit here thinking.

I am always reassured that life is just simply marvelous.

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