Saturday, September 4, 2010

una semana.

Meet my friends!  Jessica, Aubrie and I all met in our Connections class.  Parker and Sam found us at the bus stop- also at Connections!  Jennifer is the other girl picture and she is one of my dear roommates!
The school had a 80's Dance tonight, but I would like to think of it as our friendship "One Week Anniversary!" Happy One Week Friends!
It is finally FRIDAY!
well technically it is Saturday. . . 
I know It is almost four in the morning, but I can't sleep-
my roommate went home, and so here I am!
It's Raining Men is stuck in my head. . . maybe it is due to the fact that I ran around at an eighties dance for the last few hours!  haha- why they call it a dance I don't know because I was just jumping the entire time! 

I have lived here one week, only ONE week- "So much can happen in one week"
I have met life long friends that I feel like I have known forever.
I have gone to school for five days, had tons of homework, and stayed up late going on adventures.
O and now I have stayed up until four in the morning!
I have stayed up until four in the morning before-
just not at college!
I had forgotten how much I love to dress up! 
After the dance we came back to our apartment and watch Pursuit of Happiness- sad movie. 
When the movie was finished we helped friends get home safely, and now here I am!
I am exhausted.
I have to get up in four hours. . . blah!
Good morning Saturday!
I am kinda hungry, but it is too late to eat anything.
We are out of milk. . . and figure out utilities. . .
Tonight was a blast!

Oh and yes the title is in Spanish- I am going to learn how to speak and/or understand spanish before next year!  Sam said he would help me!


mason said...

So much fun. Looks like you are right in your element!!! Keep posting we love to see what you are up to!
Love ya much!!

Warrior Princess said...

kelsie. kelda here. :) I love the song RaInING MEN!!! hallelujah!!! :) cute blog.