Tuesday, August 31, 2010

crazy in the kitchen.

If you want to call me Betty Crocker, I'm okay with that-
I made this lovely HEALTHY salad for lunch today, and yes, it was very delicious!
See, college students can eat healthy!
Actually I don't think I have very much room to talk.
This was my first meal. . . 
I have been living off banana bread, mini wheats, and string cheese.
I love sitting at my desk.
It is right in front of the window.
Sitting here I am able to feel the fresh air, get in some natural light and enjoy one of my most favorite past times. . . people watching!  Yep I very much like my apartment!

College, well it is fun!  
I love the socialness of it all, I will have to work hard in my classes, but I expected that much.
Today I was introduced to the whole college "eligable girl" scene of things.  While I was sitting in my Economics class the guy sitting next to me asked if I was married. . .
I told him no, but inside I was busting a gut!  Poor guy- he probably had some horrible experience in the past by hitting on a married woman. . . maybe?
Hello USU! 

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mason said...

LOL! That is too funny. Love the salad. I am impressed!!