Tuesday, September 21, 2010

taste the rainbow.

I am addicted to Wild Berry Skittles!
I crave them!
In fact I have taken full advantage of having at least one small package a day since Friday!
I know they are probably not the most healthy treat, but they are so dang delicious!- I just can't control my self.
I think this may turn into a serious situation. . . Maybe I should seek counseling?

I am running low on my stash, so if anyone wants to send me Wild Berry Skittles I would thoroughly enjoy them- P.S. my birthday is in two weeks. . . .aye?

1 comment:

mason said...

I LOVE those things! And yes...they are addicting. I used to get a huge bag every year for my birthday. I would ask for those and a brick of velveta cheese! :) YUM!!!!!!