Sunday, September 26, 2010

joys of Saturdays.

It was 11:35 a.m. when I finally got out of bed this morning- productive I know.
I had woken up at seven, then again at nine, then ten thirty, but I always convinced myself to go back to sleep- Justifying my actions by convincing myself it was Saturday and that I was free to do nothing if I so pleased!
I probably could have slept even longer but I I was starving and I really needed to pee- shoot.
Who cares though anyway?  I mean it is Saturday!  Ah! yes! I love sleeping in on Saturdays!  Splendid!
I could easily say that it was well deserved!
The only bad thing about my sleep in is that I can't sleep tonight! ah!

Went to a rugby game for the first time today.  Supported my friend Eric- I think we won. . . I'm not really sure how the game works, but I think we won. . .
I didn't feel very good at the game though- I was super light-headed and sick to my stomach.  Maybe it is because I slept too long, maybe it was because I was dehydrated, maybe it was for reasons that no one will ever know. . . I am feeling better now though!

The Relief Society Broadcast was AMAZING. end of story.  President Monson is a mighty man and I love him.  I wish I could listen to him speak all the time.  I know it would be well worth every second.

I spent the night paper macheing Gregory the pig, eating granola and watching a Letters to Juliet.
Such a lovely evening.
Such a lovely day.

P.S.  I love my new sandals.  Why in all the years that I have worn sandals have I never had a pair like these?  I can wear them with socks or bare foot, I could wear them inside or outside- And if I can say so myself they are beautiful!  Well as beautiful and simplistic as a sporty sandal can get!

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Team Cowan said...

I've wanted a pair of sandals like that my whole life. I had a pair when I was a teenager that I have no idea where they came from. I felt SO COOL in them. 3 of my siblings played soccer and ALL the soccer players wore them. I associate those sandals with awesomeness. It's only natural that you would have a pair. ;)