Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Two years ago.

I have been reflecting on the past two years lately, mainly because a dear friend of mine left on his mission two years ago- and well he comes home tomorrow.
I once heard that a mission was like popsicles.
The first one like the first year is hard and goes by slow,
and the second melts away quickly passing by!
I believe this.
It all started when I was about nine years old . . .
NO this isn't one of those "puppy loves" stories.
I had started taking piano and my classes were right after school.  So on every Monday, or Wednesday, or whenever it was I would get off the bus at my teachers stop.  That was the same bus stop Shane got off of, after all they were neighbors.  My piano teachers son, Adam, was Shane's best friend and so the two of them would cut through Shane's yard to get to Adam's house while I walked all the way around the block! This went on for about two months then one day Shane yelled over at me and said, "Hey if you want to you can cut through my yard!"- I looked up, and kept walking not giving them any acknowledgement or anything!
Give me a break I was in like second grade and these
two fourth grade BOYS were talking to me. . . 
What was I suppose to do?
Many years later- I was a freshman in high school, and well to be quite blunt I was boy crazy!  I think most freshman girls are. . . 
All year long my group of girl friends and I all had a crush on a boy named Justin, one of Shane's friends!  O we all thought he was so gorgeous and every time he would walk down the hall we gawked over him!  Sometime he would smile in our direction and we would always get really gitty!  On the down side Justin had a girlfriend. . . 
Freshman year was almost over- it was about March, maybe April when band tour rolled around.
Now I'm sure you have all heard the saying,
"What happens at band tour stays at band tour."
But this is the exception.
Where I went to school band was huge, everyone was apart of it, because well we rocked- and band tour was always the trip of the year.  All of my friends were in band along with Justin and all of his friends, which if you have already forgotten includes Shane!  My friends and I had made a plan, a plan to get Justin to leave his girl friend and fall for one of us.
A silly, childish plan I must admit, but we were serious!
It is really funny to think about now.
Now I had talked to Shane maybe a few times before the trip.  He had always referred to me as "Denton's little sister" because he could never really remember my name- it always frustrated me when people called me "D's little sister" I don't know why. . .  But to be honest I sometimes forgot Shane's name and had to say his last name to remember his first name- if that makes any sense at all, but it worked.
When we first made it to St. George, that is where band tour was that year we all got off the bus and went swimming!  Ah! one of my most favorite things!  Shane and Rae, another one of Shane's friends, had asked if we wanted to come and we agreed knowing that Justin would be there.  It was long after dunking each other that I realized that I didn't really care for Justin as much as I had thought. . . Shane on the other hand! (:
I was with him the rest of the trip. . . except for when he went to the movies- I didn't think I should go because I wasn't sixteen yet and if I went everyone would have been paired off.  Before leaving our hotel the last day he had picked me a rose and gave it to me as we got on the bus!  I never forgot his name after that!

Now for some of the things I remember most about our time together:
  1. Shane was my first date- he had reserved the night of my birthday almost six months in advance!  That is a lot of waiting for a fifteen turning sixteen year old!  I think I was more excited to go on my first date than to drive, everyone knew it too!  Waiting for Shane to come to the door that night was like waiting to run upstairs after Santa Clause came on Christmas morning- I was anxiously sick!
  2. Shane opened every door for me!  One time he had opened the door and teasing me went to close it again- I didn't notice and walked right into the side of the door- Shane felt so bad the rest of the day!
  3. One time I took Shane to my grandma's we built puzzles and Grandma fed us Chicken Pot Pie- my grandma has loved him ever since!  She tells me that she likes the way he looks at me.
  4. Most of the time Shane and I spent together was just talking we talked a lot.  He would come over and visit and we would talk until curfew, or until his parents called him home.  Sometimes we would even go dance on my front lawn.
  5. Because Shane washed cars for his dad's car lot he would always offer to help wash mine!  We had record timing too when it came to a quick clean!
  6. Shane and I would text from the time he got up until the time I fell asleep- He would always stay up later than me. . . which is really late because if anyone knows the family I come from we are night owls!
  7. Shane used to drive past the pool when I was at work and bring me sourpatch watermelons!
When Shane left on his mission I was so lonely- I missed him almost everyday, even though I didn't cry when we said goodbye. . in fact I didn't cry until the next night when his dad brought me a letter that Shane had wrote for me.
Now that he is almost home I am about scared sick!  Some of you may not understand. . . I don't even understand myself-  But it is true and when I think about it I go into like anxiety attacks!  
An example of an anxiety attack for me would be:
Breaking out in tears during the fireside on Sunday!
I have lots of anxiety right now!
I don't know what to expect and I think that is why I'm the most nervous- It isn't going to be the same as when he just left. .  . I know that- for goodness sakes we are two different people now.  Both of us have grown so much!  I am very anxious though-


The Higgs' said...

Ah Kelsie I know just how you are feeling. I remember that like it were yesterday. It makes my stomach jittery just thinking about it. You are right that you both have changed and grown so much. It will be so fun to get to know each other again. Good luck!!

Adam and Dev said...

Kels, you are so cute! I understand you on feeling anxious with changes coming. I'm the same way—I always get really worked up when it comes to the unknown future! You will be fine though...USU is great and I live in Logan so if you ever want to come say hi, you should :)

tyandbrandie said...

Kelsie, I love your blog!! And of course I love Shane! I am so happy he is home, even though we are all the way in Texas now. I hope you two figure things out. Of course I know what I would love to see happen...lol. Good luck at school if you make it there! :)