Wednesday, August 18, 2010

without fail.

My brothers always took really good care of their vehicles.  I swear they would wash their trucks at least once a week if not more.  You would think after four older brothers of the same routine it would have rubbed off on me. . . well it didn't I drive the durango until the dust and grim is just too much to bare,  that means a good month or so between washings.  And it seems to me that after every time I wash my utility vehicle it rains- without fail. . . 
I am not exaggerating either- 
I washed my car yesterday and now today it is pouring rain!

You know how pets have weather instincts? - Well really don't know if it is true, but that is what I have heard.  Any way my instincts for when it is going to rain is the desire to wash my car. . . maybe?

Maybe it is a sign that the durango enjoys her layers upon layers of dirt and mud!  It must make her feel free and wild!

Beautiful isn't she?  I think so-
I get many comments that I drive a soccer mom car- I really don't mind honestly because it kind of is, but when some one says that the durango fits my personality what does that exactly mean?

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