Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spring Fling

This year we had a Spring Fling at our school.
They have never before had a Spring Fling at my school, well not at least for the four years I was at school.
The SBO's put it on as
a fundraiser for Rory's family so that they could buy him a head stone. I think we raised about five hundred dollars or so.
I answered Eric the day of the dance. I know I procrastinated just a bit, but it was good.
I answered him by decorating his car with paint and saran-wrap. I was doing the inside of his car when his mom and brother pulled up. (background: Eric's car was parked at the school because he was up at state track.) His mom and brother had come to get the little red car and take it up to state track so that they could pick up Eric. Long story short, I felt so embarrassed, and just stopped. I was going to use eight boxes on his small car, but only used three on the inside, I never even got to the outside of it. (If any one wants to go saran-wrappin' look me up I have five boxes left).
Cliff Climbing! Daniel, Eric and I. Chevia is scared of heights so she volunteered to take the pictures!
Daniel, Chevia, Eric and I hiked up to the waterfall up Maple Grove. I love hiking and being outdoors so I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was a lot of fun. When we made it to the waterfall we took some pictures and started to climb up the side of the cliff, no worries we were safe! The boys had prepared a picnic which was delicious and so much fun! Thanks Eric!
The dance was a retro theme- everyone dressed up! We dressed up as 70's Hippies! (well that is what Eric told me to dress up like, he looked more like an 80's tie-dye fella, but that's Eric for ya!) At the dance Chevia, Eric and I had to take the group pictures. We were volunteered to do it because we are on the yearbook staff. . . Cheap pictures for the fundraiser! I felt bad though because we didn't get to dance until like ten o'clock and the dance ended at eleven. Eric and I love to dance together and I kinda felt like I was being a bum date because we all had to work.

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