Monday, May 24, 2010

E. Mason

(I made this)

Okay so Denton has been home for a little over a month now, I know but I have had other things to do. He is pretty much back to normal now, but some of the things he did were quite hilarious!
1. He hardly talked to Shay and I. I think we made him kind of nervous.
2. He walked around the house hopelessly looking for something to do.
3. He talked funny- Potwa is what they call it in Jamaica
I think those were the major differences. He has fit in again though. He goes to work everyday, stays up late, teases Shay and I, and is just comfortable with being home!
(I had my computer from him because he always wants to get on it- yep everything is back to norm.)

Here is the story of the adventure of the missionary retrieval.
We made signs to hold up for Denton! (: I'm sure he couldn't of missed our crowd, but just in case! haha and making signs was a good pass time for the kiddies! After they got bored with this we rode the escalators up and down I'd say at least ten times! It was good sweet fun!
Finally- Denton and Elder Christensen
All the boys in my family! (Just pretend Bryan is standing on the other side of Jon)
The whole family! Minus Bryan, Nat, Niah, Chloe, Bennet. We were quite the scene but I loved it. I can't imagine my family being any different. This is happiness!
Before Denton left on his mission he became a drug store cowboy! (hahahaha) He worked on a ranch and decided that he needed to get all the gear that goes with it. A few months before he left he went out and bought him a NICE pair of cowboy boots. Weston kind of adopted them while he was gone, and hated the fact that he had to return them. Weston had such a with drawl that he went out and bought his own pair. That is what started it all. I'm not sure whose idea it was but we all decided to get boots to surprise Denton when he got off the plane it was a secret! We looked like a bunch of cowboy folk. (and we really aren't- I mean I'm allergic to horses for crying out loud) It was super cute though and funny!
It is tradition for our family to go to Sizzler when we take missionaries to the MTC and when we bring them home from the airport. It has just always been what we have done. However, this year Denton got home so late that by the time we got out of the airport Sizzler's was closed. Luckily enough for us we went to Applebee's! Everyone was starving and most of the kids were falling asleep while eating, but it was so much fun to be together.
(I got the baby back ribs! and ate them all!)

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All those boots make me happy!